Top Players
  • Rank Title Face Name Class Level
    1 TrYnExTtImE Trojan 137
    2 Dark Trojan 137
    3 MeDoo Trojan 137
    4 A~N~U~B~I~S Trojan 137
    5 X.BlaDer Trojan 137
    6 Star Fire 137
    7 RayaN Trojan 137
    8 ~Verina Trojan 137
    9 2022NPR Trojan 137
Top Guilds
Latest Guilds :mrwan
  • # Name Leader Numbers
    1 OlD~Always~Wins X.BlaDer 33
    2 YouEneMyYouDie TrYnExTtImE 25
    3 Black&Horse MeDoo 23
    4 DEMONS A~N~U~B~I~S 23
    5 WeMakeTheRules FuckU 9
    6 JustForFun VIRUS~ 8
    7 JacksonUp Jackson~ 8
Download | Trojan Conquer Online Classic Server
How to Start ?
From here you can download the game and start your adventure in the world of Trojan Conquer!

If you don't know how to start, please follow these steps:

1. Download the game client of Trojan Conquer.
2. Extract the client using Winrar.
3. Once WinRAR is done you will have TrojanConquer folder.
4. Open "TrojanConquer" folder.
5. Run the game from "Play".
6. Once the game opens enter your Account ID & Password.
7. Choose your favorite Class and give it a nickname.

Enjoy your Adventure!

Client Download Fro Windows 64 Bit
600 MB Download

Make sure you have the latest drivers installed, The links below will help you update the drivers best suited for your system.

Optional Software
Additional software components may be required to run the game on your computer.

Flash Player Errors ?

As you might have heard of Adobe has discontinued the Flash Player and it's not longer supported by them, Some players might have an issue of launching the game. However, You can download and install the FPPSetup.exe to avoid having this issue.

It's a common error for all new Conquer Online clients, So make sure to follow these easy steps listed below:

1. Close the game.
2. Download the flash FPPSetup.exe
3. Install the FPPSetup.exe and reboot your computer.

Download Flash

Trojan Conquer
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